How to Access Your Own Akashic Records Divination

Dawn Boiani
8 min readSep 26, 2020

Questions About Our Future

I think every single person at some point in life is curious about their future and would love to have some clarity about what’s happening with them now. We often we stay stuck in not knowing what choices to make, how to proceed and what’s best for us. When we’re in college we might consult with a career counselor, at different stages of life we might ask friends for support, we might journal and try to go inward and find out what our truth is. Throughout human history people have relied upon oracles and divinations to try to access deeper wisdom and some insight about our future.

Now, I come from a tradition where we adhere to evidenced-based-science and I’m not easily wooed and enticed by new age magic, magical thinking, conspiracies, gods, angels or spirits or things that are not directly perceived by our five senses. However I have a degree in psychology with the focus on Buddhist studies and we studied things in college such as Gestalt Therapy and Carl Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious. Let’s take a minute out and look at what the collective unconscious would really mean. Think about that very word for a moment; it’s pretty intense when you break it down… COLLECTIVE unconscious. That means that all of us share some type of similar base operating system within our species, a collective. You could imagine an analogy to a computer or even a cyborg. There’s one central operating computer that is electronically connected to everyone else’s personal computers and the Internet of Things. This collective unconscious would be something that would be part of our birthright and what we were all privy to, when we came into our life as a facet of our species.

The Bee’s Know

I imagine the collective unconscious as something like this, imagine that a honeybee is born. That bee, just by taking birth already has hardwired into his mindstream a template of how to make a honeycomb, the acknowledgment of his role as a worker bee, the respect and reverence and relationship he would have to a queen bee. The worker bee will know that it has a task to go out and collect pollen and how to process that within the honeycomb and work together cooperatively to have an entire complex, productive social milieu. No parent…

Dawn Boiani

Dawn founded Sakura Designs, in 2005 after studying Tibetan Meditation & Yoga, Eastern and Western Art, and Web Development.