Tell your Male Doc: Anxiety & Insomnia are Hormones, NOT mental illness!

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Out of Control

Drugs to the Rescue! (?)

“Let’s Up Your Dose”

Anxiety Rehab Retreat

Diet and Exercise… Again

The Whole Person Treatment

Recovery is Self Love

The Takeaway- How to Heal

  1. Immediately read the book the Effortless Sleep Method.
  2. Secondly, start a sugar free, high protein and organic vegetable diet
  3. Get some exercise, anything, gently walking is the best
  4. Do some very very gentle meditation, light, abdominal breathing breathe very very deep into the below your belly because that grounds the body. When you breathe through the nose you tell the nervous system that everything is right as rain and you can feel a sense of connection with yourself and self-love.
  5. Run to an alternate Doc, like a DOM/ Acupuncturist, ND, Tibetan Medicine, practitioner~ anyone who understands what a “wind” imbalance is.



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Dawn Boiani

Dawn Boiani

Dawn founded Sakura Designs, in 2005 after studying Tibetan Meditation & Yoga, Eastern and Western Art, and Web Development.